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Nolan to reveal another settlement on show as he vows to ‘stand side by side’ with victims of online trolls





Stephen Nolan has vowed to “stand side by side” with those who have been the victim of online trolls as he revealed he has reached a settlement in another legal case.

The broadcaster said he will disclose the details of the matter on his BBC Radio Ulster programme on Friday.

His announcement comes after a Twitter user was ordered to pay a six-figure sum in damages for a "malicious" campaign of false and defamatory allegations about the broadcaster.

He has also issued an unreserved apology and will foot the bill for the BBC radio and television presenter's legal costs as part of a settlement reached in potential libel proceedings.

Mr Nolan agreed to the man's request for anonymity after he expressed concerns for his own personal security.

Legal action had been threatened over a series of posts on the Twitter accounts 'Pastor Jimberoo' and 'Pastor Jimberoo's Ghost'.

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The man's identity was established following investigations carried out by Mr Nolan's security team.

The individual had also established a change.org petition which the man said in a statement issued via his solicitor had been “based entirely on false and defamatory allegations, with the aim of undermining and damaging his professional reputation”.

The broadcaster's lawyer, Paul Tweed, then served notice on the man.

But a resolution was reached before any court proceedings due to the individual's "immediate contrition and regret", according to Mr Tweed.

Following the announcement, Mr Nolan said in a personal statement posted on his Twitter page on Thursday that he had other legal actions pending.

"The vile online abuse of politicians, journalists, public figures and private citizens must stop,” he said.

"For my part I’m fighting back hard and I’m not tolerating it any more.”

The presenter continued: “As well as this case… there will be another settlement announcement tomorrow [Friday] and a number of separate court cases are being scheduled.

"I will stand side by side with those who have been targeted online by trolls. You are a victim and you are entitled to protection.”

Speaking about this case, Mr Nolan said: "I am deeply grateful to the BBC, who will always judge me fairly on its editorial standards, rather than the lies this individual attempted to propagate.

"Not everybody has such support, but this should be a warning to all trolls - you will be tracked down."

With legal correspondence forwarded to a number of others, Mr Tweed stressed: "Action will be taken against any individuals who publish or disseminate similar falsehoods.”

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