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Norman Tebbit: I hope Real IRA dissidents shoot Martin McGuinness for attending State banquet with Queen at Windsor Castle

Call: Norman Tebbit
Call: Norman Tebbit

By Rebecca Black

The former chairman of the Conservative Party has said he hopes a dissident republican terror group will shoot Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness for attending the banquet at Windsor Castle and toasting the Queen.

The discordant note on the Irish President's state visit was struck by Norman Tebbit, who was injured along with his wife in the 1984 Brighton bomb.

He also claimed the Queen had no control over who was invited to the event.

The peer spoke of his hope that Mr McGuinness will be shot by the dissidents over his participation in the Windsor Castle event.

Mr McGuinness has spoken of how his home has been attacked and his wife verbally abused in the past by dissident republicans.

Lord Tebbit said: "Mr McGuinness is there on the coat tails of the Irish ambassador – it's up to him whose company he chooses to keep. It makes it very difficult for the Palace and for the Lord Mayor.

"Mr McGuinness owns up to being a member of a terrorist organisation, those who suffered at the hands of the terrorists are not best pleased.

"The Queen no choice in matter; she can hardly refuse to invite the Irish ambassador. I imagine it is difficult for her – her family has suffered at the hands of the IRA."

He added: "There's always the possibility that a member of the Real IRA will be so outraged by Mr McGuinness bowing to the Queen that they might shoot him in the back for it.

"We can but hope."

Senior Sinn Fein official Danny Morrison slammed his comments, accusing Lord Tebbit of advocating the assassination of Mr McGuinness.

Gerry Adams slams Norman Tebbit's 'shooting hope' 

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