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North Belfast student makes movie magic

by Natalie Irvine

A budding teenage movie-maker from north Belfast has helped create a short film for UTV — after taking part in an international film project with young people from New York, Los Angeles, Dublin and Donegal.

Culture Minister Nelson McCausland dropped in to see Luke McQuillan’s work at the Cinemagic Film Camp workshops, taking place at the Crescent Arts Centre, last week.

The 17-year-old, a pupil at St. Malachy's College, said: “Taking part in the workshops was a spectacular experience — I was expecting it to be really hectic with all the things we had to do, but it was planned out so well, we had really good craic and everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was my first time using such high quality filming equipment so that was an experience — I want to become a film director and it was great to have an opportunity like this to learn about everything involved in making a film, from the script writing to the performance.”

The purpose of the Cinemagic’s Film Camp, which ran for five days in the city last week, was to give local young filmmakers from different cultural backgrounds the opportunity to work toward a shared goal and encourage interaction through the medium of film.

Speaking after his visit last Wednesday, August 18, Mr McCausland said: “This film camp is a unique opportunity for young people to share experiences and learn about each others cultures, whilst showcasing Belfast as a city of culture, arts and innovation.

“It is also just one other example of how Cinemagic continue to use the magic of film and all forms of moving image to entertain, educate, motivate and inspire young people.”

As well as being screened on UTV, the short film will be shown on the big screen during the 20th Anniversary Coca-Cola Cinemagic International Film and Television Festival for Young People in Belfast in November.

It will also be screened at Cinemagic festivals in Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco next year.

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