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North Down council round-up

The latest monthly sitting of North Down Borough Council took place last week with Councillor Tony Hill taking his first meeting as Mayor.

Among the topics up for discussion included the “discrimination that members of the armed forces, their families and also veterans are subjected to at the hands of the public services”.

Councillor James McKerrow called on the council to support his view that the Office of First and Deputy First Minister needs to address this issue and adopt the 'Command Paper 7427' which has been adopted in England, Scotland and Wales, at the earliest opportunity.

The Command Paper 7427 aims to tackle the disadvantages that service personnel face as they move around the world serving their country.

Councillor McKerrow said it was not a case of moving personnel to the front of queues in relation to securing housing and schooling where they reside, but ensuring that they aren't at “the back of the queue”.

Concern was also expressed at council for the state of pensioners' bungalows along Ballyree Drive and Balloo Road.

Councillors Alex Easton and Wesley Irvine expressed “concern and disappointment” regarding the situation which they say has been going on since 2000.

They called on the Department for Social Development to release the necessary funds to complete the improvements that are “so badly needed”.

The recent decision by Kingspan to close the Thermomax plant in Bangor and relocate to Portadown was also discussed at council.

The relocation is likely to occur later this year and will affect 185 jobs.

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