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Northern Ireland adds just 2.1% to UK economy: report

By Elizabeth Barrett

Northern Ireland contributed 2.1% to the national economy in the decade to 2012, a new report by an independent think tank has suggested.

The report also indicated that the North of England contributed 6% more to the national economy than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined

But the IPPR North report also concluded that in from 2001 to 2012, the devolved nations were spending "far more" per head on increasing their economies through skills and infrastructure investment, plus research and development, while the North of England grew at a slower rate.

An analysis of the UK's regions in the report found the North of England contributed 19.2% in gross value-added economic growth. Scotland contributed 7.7%, Wales was on 3.4% and Northern Ireland on 2.1% - a total of 13.2%.

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