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Northern Ireland and rest of UK could face wrath of Hurricane Bertha: Strong winds and heavy rain predicted

By John Mulgrew

Northern Ireland could be in for a barrage of heavy rain and high winds as a hurricane which has hit the Caribbean could be making its way to our shores.

Hurricane Bertha began heading north and then east after gaining momentum in the Bahamas yesterday.

Now some weather models have predicted the storm could reach the UK and Ireland by the weekend - bringing heavy rain and wind in the process.

"It's looking like a very unsettled week anyway," MeteoGroup forecaster Andy Ratcliffe told the Belfast Telegraph.

"Some models say it's going across the UK, some don't. We would expect it around Sunday - bringing in deep low pressure systems.

"That would add to heavy rain and high winds."

Forecasters have said there will be a strong chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms come Friday due to other low pressure systems.

"Tomorrow, we are looking at rain clearing for Northern Ireland with some sunny spells, but also heavy showers.

"By Friday, it will be an unsettled day, with a risk of thunderstorms."

The Met Office said in a blog post on its website:

"In terms of timing, there’s also a spread of possibilities – but it looks likely that the earliest Bertha would affect the UK would be on Sunday or into the start of next week."

According to the Met Office's Storm Tracker, Bertha is a strong category one hurricane - moving along at 65 knots.

Bertha may soon be downgraded to a post-tropical storm, but could still bring with it torrential rains and strong winds.


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