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Northern Ireland basks in rare glimpse of sun - but how long is it set to last?

Northern Ireland enjoyed a rare glimpse of the sun today - and it looks as though it's keeping its hat on for the rest of the week.

In a welcome break from weather warnings for rain, snow and ice, Northern Ireland is experiencing a settled spell of uncharacteristic dry weather.

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While it might not be warm enough to sunbathe just yet - temperatures are expected to reach 11 degrees today in Belfast.

Workers enjoyed a rare al fresco lunch today as they sat outside Belfast City Hall enjoying the spring sunshine.

Meanwhile in areas such as Ballycastle and Newry temperatures may reach more than 12 degrees.

And good news - the sun is to remain for the rest of the week as forecasters expect Northern Ireland's weather to remain dry with long sunny spells

But while it is warmer during the day - temperatures will still fall at night to around 2 degrees.

Some cloud may move in by Friday bringing with it a drop in temperature.

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