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Northern Ireland boy (2) jabbed by syringe has year wait for all-clear

By Victoria Leonard

A Northern Ireland woman whose two-year-old son was injured by a syringe taped to a handrail at a Paris airport has been told she will have to wait a year for him to get the all-clear from life-threatening diseases.

Stephanie Ford, a mum-of-two from Newtownards, was returning from Disneyland Paris on November 17 when the incident occurred at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

She had been pushing son Calvin (2) and daughter Maddison (6) in a buggy when she slipped on vomit outside the terminal.

After regaining her balance, she saw that little Calvin had a used hypodermic needle in his hand, with what appeared to be several scratch marks

She thinks the needle was taped to the handrail Calvin was running his hand along while being pushed in the pram.

Despite being told by a French doctor that it would take up to six months for him to get the all-clear from diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, Stephanie said a consultant at the Royal Victoria Hospital now says it could take up to a year.

"We're facing a year of worry and stress. It's a nightmare and I just want it to end," Ms Ford said.

"The consultant phoned me last week to tell me while I was on the school run, and I just went into autopilot. I think I'm still in shock, it hasn't sunk in yet.

"Calvin is already undergoing other health tests as he has a disorder that affects his mobility, and now he also faces at least four lots of tests to determine if he has contracted anything from the needle.

"Six months was bad enough, but now we have learned he won't get the all-clear until November 2018.

"I have been traumatised by this experience, I have lost my confidence and I'm afraid to take the kids out anywhere."

No response had been received from Charles de Gaulle Airport at the time of going to press.

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