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Northern Ireland braced for return of Arctic freeze

By Amanda Poole

Sub-zero temperatures will be making an unwelcome return to Northern Ireland this week.

Paul Knightley, a forecaster with Meteogroup, said the weather will take a dramatic turn for the worse on Thursday.

“The first half of the week is fairly quiet with reasonably fine but cold weather,” he said.

“The maximum temperatures will reach about 4-5C.

“For the second half of the week there is a good indication of a cold front coming from the Arctic.

“Thursday morning will bring

a narrow line and intense band of rain turning to snow on its back edge.

“It won’t produce much snow but the temperature will drop very quickly.

“By Thursday afternoon, the temperature will plunge from 6-7C to below freezing.

“A cold blast of air will come from the North Pole past Greenland and Iceland. Expect heavy snow and nasty conditions through Thursday evening and Friday.

“People can take it easy for a few days but should keep their eyes and ears open for Thursday’s weather, as it will be quite nasty and the weekend will be cold and frosty.”

Meanwhile, police have said roads in Cookstown are treacherous and urge motorists to exercise extreme caution. The public is being advised to make only necessary journeys and stay off ‘B’ roads.

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