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Northern Ireland braced for thunderstorms and lashing rain as woeful summer weather continues

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By Rebecca Black

Batten down the hatches because the recent wet spell is set to continue - and even worsen - by the end of the week.

It will be cold and wet this week culminating with thunderstorms on Friday, according to the Met Office.

While forecasters have described our current weather as "mid-autumnal", it is not putting off visitors from enjoying our stunning natural landscape.

One of the football teams visiting Portrush for the Milk Cup was completely undeterred by the driving rain and cool temperatures yesterday, gamely taking the plunge into the north Atlantic at the famous East Strand beach.

The Met Office had little comfort to offer. A forecaster revealed there will be isolated showers across Northern Ireland today.

Thursday will start dry but the showers will start in the west in early afternoon before moving east to blanket the province.

Friday will see extremely heavy showers as well as thunderstorms, while the weekend is expected to remain wet.

The Met Office forecaster said there is little sign of a spell of dry weather on the horizon, with rain set to continue.

In terms of temperatures he said the situation resembled mid-autumn, rather than July.

Maximum temperatures this week are expected to go no higher than 13 or 14 degrees.

"The weather is set to remain unsettled and seasonally cool," he said. "The temperatures are disappointing for this time of year - more like mid-autumn."

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