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Northern Ireland civil servants set strike date over 'unacceptable' pay increase

NIPSA general secretary Alison Millar
NIPSA general secretary Alison Millar

A union representing civil servants in Northern Ireland has announced strike action over an "unacceptable" pay increase.

NIPSA, the largest public sector trade union in Northern Ireland, has notified the Northern Ireland Civil Service that strike action will begin on Friday July 26. In addition other action short of strike is to take place on July 29.

Alison Millar, NIPSA general secretary, said: "This is not a decision that NIPSA or our members have taken lightly.  Members have however given a strong mandate for strike action with over 68% of members voting to support strike action and almost 87% of members voting to support action short of strike action.

"The industrial action covers both a totally unacceptable imposed pay increase of 1.25% (a pay cut in real terms when inflation is running in excess of 2%) and attacks on terms and conditions of employment.

"Members are angry that their terms and conditions are under constant threat and attack with members expected to take on more responsibility, with less opportunity and less pay.  Our members are saying loud and clear – enough is enough."

Since the collapse of the Northern Ireland assembly in January 2017 the civil service has been effectively running the country in the absence of elected ministers.

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