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Northern Ireland 'delicacy' a reality at crisp sandwich cafe

By Lesley Houston

What started out as a spoof appears to have become a reality for a set of online satirists who have been paying playful homage to a particular Northern Ireland delicacy.

The spoofers behind satirical website The Ulster Fry are understood to have been approached by the owner of a pop-up Belfast restaurant to transform what was mere tongue-in-cheek banter into probably the world's first crisp sandwich cafe.

The men behind the website, known simply as 'Billy and Seamus', had been reminiscing about the mighty crisp sandwich when they got a call from owner of That Wee Cafe at Bedford Street, Andrew McMenamin, to make their parody a reality.

And after a 'surreal' time brainstorming crisp sandwich ideas - like the school favourite Tayto Cheese and Onion in a Belfast bap - Simply Crispy will open on Monday.

The idea was born when Ulster Fry published a story about the opening of fictional cafe selling crisp sandwiches in the city.

The pair's light-hearted lampoonery soon garnered huge interest, prompting entrepreneur McMenamin to offer his premises as a haven for the classic indigenous fare. The popularity of the parody has taken Billy and Seamus by surprise.

"Thousands of people loved the idea of buying a crisp sandwich on the high street or in a cafe," they said.

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