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Northern Ireland driver didn't realise she was giving finger to unmarked police car

Police pulled the driver over.
Police pulled the driver over.

A female driver was embarrassed yesterday after giving a one fingered salute to an unmarked police car.

Police said the unmarked car observed the woman driving in the Coleraine area and that her lane discipline was "far from good".

After police sounded their horn to alert the driver to their presence she responded with the rude gesture.

Police then stopped the woman's car and she claimed that she had been waving at them.

"An awkward silence is one of the worst things ever and even more so when police officers are standing at your car window and you know exactly why they are there," a PSNI spokesperson wrote on the PSNI North Coast Facebook page.

"That was the deafening silence we heard this evening when we had to stop a motorist who’s lane discipline was far from good. She seemed to think that the roundabout's two lanes belonged to her and that our unmarked car did not belong there.

"As we sounded the cars horn to signal our presence and prevent a collision she decided to wave at us frantically using just one finger!

"When we stopped to have that awkward conversation with her she claimed she was just waving at us.......... #soundsofsilence

"Motorists please remember your lane discipline and remember the way to signal a motoring mistake is not using one finger."

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