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Northern Ireland Electricity warns of possible blackouts as severe weather hits province

Northern Ireland Electricity has warned of possible blackouts as 75mph winds are expected to batter the province over the weekend.

The electricity supplier said there is a possibility of damage to the electricity network, especially in exposed and coastal locations, due to the severe weather expected over the coming days.

The warning comes after the Met Office issued a yellow "Be prepared" warning for severe wind and rain expected across Northern Ireland over the weekend.

In a statement the electricity supplier said they had initiated an escalation plan and put emergency crews, engineers and call handlers on stand-by.

NIE Networks said that if customers do lose power they should contact the NIE Networks Customer Helpline on 03457 643 643 or report the fault online at

Regular updates on the power situation can also be found on the NIE Networks Twitter account @NIElectricity

NIE Networks spokesman Ruadhrai O’Kane urged everyone to think about their personal safety  should power be disrupted.

 “If there is any damage to our network from severe weather, our emergency crews will be in position to get customers back on supply as quickly as possible, consistent with safety, and we will keep customers regularly updated and informed," he said.

“We are particularly keen to stress our safety message to stay well away from broken power lines or electricity poles and report any damage immediately.  If you are without power, make sure you take a few simple precautions to keep you and your family safe.”

• Never  approach broken lines or damaged poles, and keep children and animals away - report damage immediately to NIE Networks on 03457 643 643

• Turn off electric cookers, ovens, irons if electricity supply is lost

• Leave a light switched on so you know when power has been restored

•  Take extra care if using candles, oil lamps or other naked flames and never leave a burning candle unattended

• Test smoke alarms with fresh batteries

•  Ensure there is adequate ventilation if using gas heaters.

Customers should also ensure they have batteries for radios.

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