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Northern Ireland farmer's crop circle message to ‘sister in heaven’


Aerial Image Ballyrainey Road farm

Aerial Image Ballyrainey Road farm

Aerial Image Ballyrainey Road farm

A farmer has paid an extraordinary tribute to his sister, who passed away last year.

As this amazing image shows, Edward Henry has taken crop circles to a new level to show his deep brotherly love.

Nearly 10 months ago, the Newtownards farmer lost his sister Elizabeth (46) to breast cancer.

He said he has found it difficult to deal with and has missed her every day since her death last October.

Last Friday he was feeling especially down, missing her more than usual.

He considered buying flowers to place on her grave, but said it didn’t feel right.

So, he decided to write her a note. But not in the usual way.

He used his tractor to cut a message into the grass on one of his fields. He said he wrote the message so his sister could see it from heaven.

It reads: “Elizabeth with love”, and is decorated with hugs and kisses.

Edward came up with the idea, scribbled the design on a piece of paper, and hopped in his tractor.

Edward said: “It came very easily to me. I suppose when you have been farming as long as I have, it isn’t hard to use the tractor this way.

“I wanted her to see it.”

He said the crop circle could last for up to a month.

Before it disappears he commissioned the aerial photograph for posterity.

“My sister is missed dearly and her family and friends remember her lovingly,” he said.

“I would like to thank Marie Curie Cancer Care for all their support.”

Now that he has seen the spectacular results of his tractor art, Edward says he might be inspired in the future to create a crop circle again.

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