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Northern Ireland flag reader submissions: Red Hands, harps and soda bread

By John Mulgrew

The Belfast Telegraph has been flooded with suggestions for a new Northern Ireland flag after we asked our readers to submit their own ideas after US diplomat Richard Haass' challenge for political parties to consider the possibility of a new flag for the region.

While some ideas included variations on traditional colours and icons – such as the harp and Red Hand – others featured some of Northern Ireland's most famous exports, like the Tayto man and soda bread. Some of the images can be viewed in the gallery above.

Someone who welcomes the influx of flag designs is Rob Williams, who is behind the New Flag for Northern Ireland Facebook page.

"A new local flag could be a unifying emblem for Northern Ireland, something that can be flown 365 days a year from all public buildings, used by our sport stars... the Tourist Board for branding; it has a huge range of uses," he said.

"It always struck me as particularly strange that Northern Ireland was the odd-one-out of the four UK nations, in not having a recognised regional flag."

The appeal came as a small number of loyalist protesters gathered at Belfast City Hall to mark the one-year anniversary of a council decision to limit the flying of the Union flag.

Around 200 gathered outside the bustling Christmas Market at around 6pm on Tuesday.

Got a design of your own? Flag it up to Belfast Telegraph

Following US diplomat Richard Haass' challenge to those on the Hill, we'd like you to send the Belfast Telegraph your own attempts at a new, neutral flag for Northern Ireland.

To get involved, send us an email at entitled 'New Nothern Ireland Flag' - accompanied by an attached image and include your name if you wish.

Submissions will be published online.

Find a neutral flag for all of Northern Ireland: Richard Haass issues challenge to parties


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