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Northern Ireland football to rescue of fans' families and Vegas homeless man

Green and White Army show support for families of Darren Rodgers and Archie Rainey

By Staff Reporter

Northern Ireland fans and a star player have shown their growing reputation for generosity wasn't just for show in France.

The Green and White Army took to the streets yesterday to help the families of two supporters who tragically died at the Euro 2016 finals in France.

They completed a 10k run in Belfast yesterday to raise money for the families of Darren Rodgers (24) from Ballymena and Archie Rainey (64) from Belfast.

Shortly after the match against Poland in Nice, 24-year-old Ballymena man Darren died following a fall from a promenade. Then during the match against Ukraine in Lyon, Archie collapsed and died.

And it's not just the fans who have been proving themselves willing to come to the aid of others - as newlywed midfielder Stuart Dallas demonstrated during his US honeymoon.

The Leeds star got married to childhood sweetheart Juneve in Cookstown last month before heading to France.

The couple are now on honeymoon in Las Vegas, where Juneve saw the city had a major problem.

"The amount of homeless people here is so sad", she tweeted. Juneve and Stuart met a homeless man and took him into a shop to get him whatever he needed. "How much he appreciated it, the tears rolling down his face. The world's so cruel", she wrote.

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