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Northern Ireland GCSE results: Appendicitis didn't stop Kira achieve amazing 11 A* grades


By Allan Preston

At St Dominic's Grammar School, Kira McDonnell (16) was rushed to hospital half way through her exams with appendicitis - but still managed to get a clean sweep of 11 A* grades.

"Everything was going really well until I got rushed into hospital, so that was tough getting out and doing my next exam a couple of days later."

While she was encouraged to rest for longer, Kira said her interest in medicine and determination to get top grades kept her going.

Aspiring physicist Cira Given-Matassa-Craig (16) was also among the school's top performers with nine A* grades and an A.

Accompanied by her proud mum Cynthia and grandmother Elizabeth, she said the success hadn't been easy.

"The stress was worth it because I got the results, but I really wouldn't like to go through it again," she said.

"I want to do something with maths and science, like a physicist."

Paula McStravick (16) received seven A* grades and two As for subjects including English, Drama and Spanish. After returning for her A Levels, she has dreams of studying law in Galway.

"I'm all bizz today. The school did push us a lot, but we just have to try and be as motivated as we can," she said.

Beth Sullivan (16) achieved A grades in Media, Drama, English and Art.

"I'm really proud of myself, it's been really tough as I did 10 subjects as well as music off timetable," she said. "For A Levels I'm thinking about doing Media, English and Drama.

"I want to go away somewhere for uni but I'm not sure where yet."

Tara Moran (17) received A*s in PE, Drama, English, an A* and A in Double Award Science and a B in Music.

With no decision made on a career choice just yet, she's returning to study her favourite subjects of English, Psychology, Biology and PE.

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