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Northern Ireland grammar school cuts class time over budget cuts

Larne Grammar School is reducing class time due to budget cuts. (PA)
Larne Grammar School is reducing class time due to budget cuts. (PA)

A Northern Ireland grammar school is cutting class times for pupils because of budget cuts.

Larne Grammar School has written to parents informing them that class time will be cut by 20 minutes a day because of a reduction in funding.

The letter, read out on the BBC's Nolan Show, said: "From September teaching staff levels will no longer be sufficient to enable the school to operate its current structure.

"Following consideration of the various options and an attempt to protect learning and teaching time as far as possible and minimise the impact on pupils and the wider school community, the school day will be reorganised with a 20 minute reduction in class time."

The Nolan Show reported the school is also cutting teaching staff by a further 1.4 full-time equivalent and that it will be unable to replace the vice-principal who is retiring at the end of the academic year.

Margaret, a parent of a pupil at the school, told the Nolan Show that she did not blame the head for making the move.

"I am not surprised but I am upset that it is being cut," she said.

"But what I was interested to find out, and my point in contacting the show, is other schools in wealthy areas charge a much higher voluntary fee, and I am wondering, are schools that can draw on parental financial support..... are they able to shelter themselves from the cuts?"

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