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Northern Ireland has cheapest booze on island

By Kevin Doyle

Northern Ireland is now the cheapest spot on the island for alcohol — but more expensive for diesel. A study carried out by the Irish Revenue Commissioners in advance of Brexit shows there are sizeable price differences between north and south.

Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan said price comparisons are particularly significant for products which are subject to excise duty. He said prices levels are monitored on a regular basis and are “an important factor in determining budgetary policy every year”.

The latest survey by the revenue shows that the biggest price differences relate to alcohol spirits.

Officials found a bottle of whiskey costs €24.89 (£20.80) in the Republic versus €21.46 (£17.96) in NI, a difference of €3.43 (£2.87).

Similarly, a bottle of vodka is €20 (£16.63) south of the border versus €14.70 (£12.30) in NI. A bottle of wine is €2.10 (£1.67) cheaper in NI at a price of €8.25 (£6.90) versus €10.35 (£8.66). And a can of a lager works out 34 cents (28p) cheaper in NI at €1.71 (£1.43).

Tobacco savings depend on what products you smoke with a packet of 20 cigarettes being 11 cents (9p) cheaper in the Republic. However, roll your own tobacco is €1.39 (£1.16) cheaper in NI. Significant price gaps exist for motorists, too, with a litre of auto diesel 14 cents (12p) cheaper per litre in the Republic. However, both home heating kerosene and diesel are more expensive in the south.

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