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Northern Ireland has UK's lowest immigration rate

By Nina Massey

Northern Ireland had the UK's lowest immigration rate with just 2,200 more people arriving from abroad in a year than emigrating, according to official figures.

The overall UK population is at a record level after it increased by almost half a million to 64.6 million within a year, according to official figures, the Office for National Statistics said.

The increase between mid-2013 and mid-2014 included net immigration of 259,700, accounting for 53% of the increase,

Net international migration was the highest since the year to mid-2011 and up by 76,300 from 183,400.

An ONS spokesman said the statistics showed the UK population had grown by almost half a million since mid-2013, up 0.77% to 64,596,800 - higher than the annual increase of 0.75% over the last decade.

The snapshot revealed that 84% of the UK population lives in England, 8% lives in Scotland, 5% lives in Wales and 3% lives in Northern Ireland.

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