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Northern Ireland higher public spend per person than any other UK region

Northern Ireland has a higher public spend per individual than any other region of the UK.

Spending on each individual in the province came to £13,654, which was £3,000 more than in the east of England - where spending came to £10,649 per person.

Scotland followed Northern Ireland with the second highest public expenditure per head, coming in at £13,237, followed by London at £12,847, Wales at £12,623, and the North East at £12,335.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics also show the net fiscal balance for each region - which is effectively the difference between the amount spent and the amount raised in revenue.

Northern Ireland came out as the UK region with the biggest net fiscal balance.

On average, £5,014 more is spent in the province per head than is collected in revenue.

A map showing the net fiscal balance across the UK, with deficits coded in blue and surpluses in green and yellow / Credit: ONS

Certain regions recorded net fiscal surplus, meaning they paid more in revenue than was spent in the region. 

The East of England recorded a surplus of £900, the South East recorded a surplus of £2,151, and London recorded a surplus of £3,698.

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