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Northern Ireland holidaymakers spend most cash

People from Northern Ireland have become the big spenders when on holiday, according to a survey.

When on trips, Northern Ireland holidaymakers spend £420 per person per week - the highest UK regional total, the poll by found.

A year ago, the weekly spending figure for Northern Ireland residents was just £316, while in January 2010 it was only £327.

Next-highest spenders at the moment are Londoners (£350 per person per week), followed by Scots (£342).

Travellers from Yorkshire and Humberside currently spend the least - just £281 per person per week.

The poll of 2,089 UK adults also showed that men spend an average of £348 a week on holiday, while women budget for just £265.

The amount being spent while on holiday is up 4% on January 2010 but only 2% up on July 2009. 46% of people say they will definitely go on holiday in the next 12 months. 49% like to book their holiday between one and four months in advance.

Bob Atkinson, of, said: "Holidays are great things to look forward to, so it's hardly surprising that nearly half of us are definitely planning a getaway in the next year, despite worries over the economy, Government cuts and jobs.

"It's interesting that men are significantly outspending women while away.

"Should we let the men control the budget so we spend more, or should we rely on the women to control the holiday budget more carefully and book more for less? After all, women spend longer researching than men do."


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