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Northern Ireland hosepipe ban to remain in place until there is 'water to meet demand'

The hosepipe ban will remain in place until NI Water is confident there is enough water to meet demand, the utility company has said.

Since the introduction of the ban on Friday afternoon, NI Water has said there has been a "slowing improving picture", but the hot weather still means demand remains a third above normal levels - and the ban will not be lifted until it is "confident there is enough treated water to meet the required water demands".

The company also said it had been contacted through its Waterline number and social media accounts with reports of illegal hosepipe usage.

Asked by the Belfast Telegraph, NI Water declined to state if anyone had been fined since the ban was introduced.

"There is a process to follow before an individual can be fined," a spokeswoman said.

"Each case will be considered on its own merits and where there is sufficient evidence to substantiate the allegation further action may be taken.

"However, if there is a reoccurrence then consideration will be given to more formal action."

She added there would be no need to enforce the ban with penalties if individuals followed the hosepipe ban.

NI Water reiterated that loss of waters for households is a "completely avoidable situation" and a water shortage is a possibility if wastage continues.

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