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Northern Ireland hospital 'extremely busy' - patients told only attend if in need of immediate treatment

The Northern Trust is asking patients to consider other options as the Antrim Area hospital emergency department is "extremely busy".

Patients are asked to only attend the hospital if they are seriously ill or injured and need immediate treatment.

A Northern Trust spokesperson said: "If your complaint isn't urgent or life threatening, consider using other services."

Anyone who needs non-emergency medical treatment can contact their GP or local pharmacy for assistance.

It is often very obvious if someone is seriously ill and needs immediate emergency care.

To help you decide, an emergency, critical or life-threatening situation may involve:

  • unconsciousness
  • a suspected stroke
  • heavy blood loss
  • a deep wound such as a stab wound
  • a suspected heart attack
  • difficulty in breathing
  • severe burns
  • a severe allergic reaction

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