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Northern Ireland judge says police 'roasted him' for unsecured child in car


Judge Barney McElholm

Judge Barney McElholm

Judge Barney McElholm

A judge has told how he was once given an "awful talking to" by a police officer for failing to properly secure his son in a car.

District Judge Barney McElholm referred to the incident while hearing the case of a mother-of-four whose two-year-old daughter was not in a child seat, nor secured with a seatbelt, when her car was stopped at a checkpoint on Buncrana Road in Londonderry last November.

A Public Prosecution Service solicitor told Mr McElholm the woman made full admissions at the scene and also admitted to driving without a licence.

Defence solicitor Seamus Quigley said his client had earlier placed her daughter in a child seat, only for the child to unbuckle herself and climb out, unknown to her mother.

Mr McElholm said the episode reminded him of a incident when his son was 11 months old.

"I'd strapped him in earlier. I told the officer my son had let himself out, but the officer obviously didn't believe me," he said.

Mr McElholm fined the woman £75 and gave her three penalty points.

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