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Northern Ireland man Dylan Rogers jailed over rape at Spanish holiday resort

Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers

By Gerard Couzens

A Northern Ireland man has been sentenced to nine years in jail for raping a woman in a jealousy-fuelled attack in a Spanish holiday resort.

Dylan Rory Rogers (28), a Grammar school-educated former rugby player from Co Down, forced his victim to have sex over two days after accusing her of looking at another man on the beach and telling her he was going to punish her.

Prosecutors detailed the horrific sado-masochistic treatment he subjected her to in an indictment released ahead of his trial yesterday at a court in the Majorcan capital Palma.

They accused him of pepper-spraying her on one occasion and throwing eggs at her on another as well as making her dance naked for him and calling her “his slave” the day of the first rape.

On another occasion he was said to have changed her SIM card in her phone, leading to her losing all her contacts “so he could exert greater control over her” as part of the “situation of dominance he imposed on her through the abusive exercise of his authority and physical superiority.”

After forcing her to perform a sex act on him and raping her on August 7 last year because “he thought she had been looking at another man on the beach”, he stopped her from leaving the apartment the following morning and made her have sex again before physically attacking her.

“He blamed her for the damage he said she had caused him for ‘looking at the other man’ and said she would have to compensate him with the pain he was going to cause her,” prosecutors said in their indictment.

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Describing how he penetrated his victim vaginally and anally without a condom on while he hit her and smashed her head against the wall and grabbed hold of her neck, they added: “He told her he didn’t care whether he had to kill her and covered her mouth with tape.”

Rogers, who has been held in prison since his arrest last August, was jailed for nine years after admitting to a crime of sexual assault and another of wounding.

Prosecutors had been seeking a total sentence of 34 years - 15 each for two separate counts of sexual assault - before his courtroom confession which formed part of a plea bargain deal.

Dylan Rogers attending court.
Dylan Rogers attending court.

As well as the prison sentence, he was also ordered to do 80 days community service and given a restraining order lasting 21 years preventing him from going near his victim or trying to contact her.

The woman he raped, a 23-year-old who is from a landlocked western European country, was in court to watch him sentenced.

Rogers, originally from the Ards Peninsula in Co Down, was described at the time of his arrest as a 6ft 2in ex-Ulster under-19 rugby player and former Bangor Grammar pupil. 

A pal said after his detention: “Dylan went on a lads’ holiday about six summers ago and basically never came back.”

He was held by police after his victim managed to escape an eighth-floor apartment where the sex attacks took place in S’Arenal, a holiday resort on the eastern end of the four mile-long Playa de Palma near the island airport, and alert a neighbour.

She is thought to have been naked and covered only with a towel when she fled the apartment as her convicted rapist showered.

At the time of Rogers’ arrest, police were understood to have had to get a warrant to enter the property he was in after negotiators made a failed bid to persuade him to hand himself in.

The sentencing court, Palma’s Audiencia Provincial, was told Rogers had a previous conviction for wounding.

Yesterday’s court case comes just days after a controversial Barcelona court decision to acquit five men accused of gang-raping a 14-year-old girl of the charge of sexual assault.

The court ruled out rape because the victim was “unconscious” and the accused did not use violence or intimidation.

The men were convicted of the lesser crime of sexual abuse of a minor and sentenced to between 10 and 12 years in prison, sparking protests across Spain and demand for a change in the law.

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