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Northern Ireland man goes viral after women's shoes prove good fit in Oz

By Brett Campbell

A Co Down man refused entry to an Australian bar for wearing flip flops managed to get in - by thinking outside the shoe box.

Ruairi Brannigan headed to An Sibin Irish Pub in Perth for a few drinks on Sunday.

But he was wearing the flip flops - which are against the pub's dress code.

Undeterred, Ruairi went to a nearby shop and picked up the only shoes he could find in his size - a pair of women's pumps.

The post of him standing at the bar was shared on the pub's Facebook page and racked up hundreds of 'likes' and comments.

Ruairi told the Belfast Telegraph that he was surprised by the amount of attention he was now getting.

The machine operator, who left Bryansford for Perth in 2013, said: "We were out on a Sunday session and had been drinking all day before we ended up back at our regular pub.

"The bouncers on the door said: 'You can't get in wearing those flip flops'.

"One of the other lads had noticed a pair of shoes in a nearby shop, he bought a pair, and was then able to get into the pub."

The expat rushed to the same shop hoping that he could find the same quick fix to his dilemma, but the store had just closed.

"The shop closed at 10pm and I got there about two minutes after," he added.

"I gave the door a knock anyway and it opened. The guy agreed to serve me, but it turned out the other lad had bought the last pair of men's shoes.

"The only pair left in the shop were ladies shoes, so I decided they would have to do."

Mr Brannigan made his way back to the pub in his new pumps and, although he was ridiculed, had no problem getting in.

He said: "The bouncers were in stitches and everyone in the pub was laughing, but rules are rules - and I had forgotten them."

He returned to the pub on Monday evening for dinner.

It was then that the pub manager informed him that she had shared the photo on Facebook and that it was getting a lot of attention.

One post appears to be from Ruairi's mum: "Oh my sweet mother of God what has Australia done to you Ruaírí. I think it is time you come home to your mummy."

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