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Northern Ireland man jailed for urinating in public as women jogged past

By Eamonn MacDermott

A man has been jailed for four months for urinating in public twice despite being warned not to on both occasions by the police.

Paul Farren (27) of Sackville Court in Londonderry has been charged with two counts of indecent behaviour on May 31.

Londonderry Magistrates Court heard police went to John Street out of concern for Farren's welfare as he had been seen sleeping behind a parked car.

He told police he had to urinate and proceeded to do so despite being warned not to. He was cautioned for his behaviour.

A short time later police returned to the area and again saw Farren in the vicinity.

He proceeded to urinate in public as two female joggers passed him.

Defence solicitor Mr Keith Kyle said Farren had difficulties with alcohol that had led to these offences.

District Judge Des Perry said that was of little consolation to the women joggers.

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