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Northern Ireland man left red-faced after 'STI' gaffe

The miscommunication began when Brogan Tant developed a stye
The miscommunication began when Brogan Tant developed a stye

A Northern Ireland man has been left red-faced after a spelling mistake led to him accidentally telling his mum he had a sexually transmitted infection.

The confusion began when Brogan Tant, from Limavady, Co Londonderry, developed a stye - a red lump around the eye - and texted his mum for help.

However, he incorrectly spelt the word, texting his mum "I've got a sti" - prompting her to believe her son had contracted a sexually transmitted infection, the Mail Online reports.

His mother replied with some advice: "Eh what? Is it any wonder the way you bang the birds, the doctor can treat most things son.


"Make sure you get it treated and take the whole course of meds you're given. Now let it be a lesson and use condoms son, I still love you xxx."

The Limavady man quickly realised his error and sent his mum a picture of his infected eye, to which his mother said: "Aw get a gold ring and rub it on the stye."

Finding the funny side, Mr Tant took to Twitter to share his gaffe. The post has since attracted more than 14,000 likes and 1,100 retweets.

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