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Northern Ireland married couples can claim back £212 in tax

The tax office is reminding Northern Ireland couples to take advantage of the marriage allowance which could help provide a timely financial boost just ahead of Christmas.

HM Revenue and Customs says around 100,000 people, either married or in a civil partnership, are eligible for the allowance.

It allows couples to transfer their tax-free allowance if one of them earns less than £10,600 a year, or not at all.

Ruth Owen, director general for personal tax at HMRC, added: "Marriage allowance means couples up and down the country can get a bit of extra support at a time of year when we all need a little more cash.

"Whether you use it to buy presents for the family or put it away for a rainy day, it means saving £212 on your tax bill every year.

“People can apply at any point in the tax year and still receive the full benefit of the allowance."

To find out if you are eligible, or to apply visit HMRC online.

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