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Northern Ireland motorists hit with 50% parking fines hike

Northern Ireland drivers caught parking illegally are now facing higher fines after the penalty leapt by 50 per cent.

Higher penalties came into force yesterday meaning drivers will have to pay £90 if caught parking in the wrong place.

That is an increase of the £30 from the previous fee of £60. If the fine is paid within a fortnight, however, it will be reduced by half to £45.

The new fines were voted in by Assembly members recently in a move designed as a deterrent.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy said the vast majority of drivers “parked legally and safely and need never pay this penalty”.

“It is the department's aim to reduce the number of illegally parked vehicles on our roads, not to issue Penalty Charge Notices.

“It is my responsibility to cover the cost of delivering car parking services and I want to ensure the burden of enforcement falls on those drivers who ignore the restrictions causing safety risks and inconvenience for others.”

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