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Northern Ireland mum's asthma video after death of son Tiernan Green touches hearts

87,000 view Facebook appeal after son’s death


Donna and Stephen Green, parents of Tiernan Green (below) and (left) Donna’s video message

Donna and Stephen Green, parents of Tiernan Green (below) and (left) Donna’s video message

Tiernan Green

Tiernan Green

Donna’s video message

Donna’s video message

Donna’s video message

Donna’s video message

Donna and Stephen Green, parents of Tiernan Green (below) and (left) Donna’s video message

A grieving mum whose 20-year-old son died from an acute asthma attack earlier this year has launched a social media awareness campaign to warn others how the condition can kill.

Donna Green (42) posted a poignant video on Facebook which within hours was viewed 87,000 times and shared more than 2,000 times by people from around the world.

The Lurgan mother-of-four battled to try and save her son Tiernan as her husband Stephen (42) called for an ambulance after he suffered an asthma attack at their home in Derrymacash in January.

Heartbroken Donna is convinced her handsome, football-loving son would still be here today if he had taken his medication as prescribed. Last night she was overwhelmed by the response to her video and the hundreds of messages from grateful parents thanking her for her warning.

She said: "We will never know for sure, but I am convinced that if Tiernan had been taking his medication properly he would still be with us.

"He took his blue inhaler but never touched the brown inhaler and on the day he died we were told he had used his blue inhaler 30 times. If he had used his brown inhaler, which is the one that is a preventer, he wouldn't have needed the blue so often.

"I just felt, as a mother, I needed to warn other parents.


"It was hard to do the video and I never dreamt it would get such a huge reaction.

"I've been totally blown away by the response and the messages I have received.

"I've had parents messaging to thank me and say that my video has saved their child's life. As a mum I didn't realise just how important it was that Tiernan takes the right medication and I want others to know, and also to raise awareness that asthma kills."

Earlier this year Donna and Stephen launched a campaign to get nebulisers installed in schools and raised enough money for the life-saving devices to be installed in 25.

Their son Tiernan suffered an asthma attack at home in the early hours of January 31. His parents came to his aid but, despite desperate efforts, he passed away.

Tiernan was a former pupil at St Paul's Junior High School and Southern Regional College in Armagh, and was a talented Gaelic footballer.

The Greens also have three other children, Stefan (24), Mise-Eire (19) and Ryan who is eight.

Donna said each of the family is coping with their devastation by taking one day at a time.

She added: "I think people need to realise how important it is to take their medication at the right time and to go to follow-up appointments.

"Our local nurse told me just two weeks ago that she had rang Tiernan the week before he passed away to arrange a check-up appointment but he cancelled it.

"It is really important that people are on top it and I wanted to reach out to parents who are worried about their children not taking their medication when they should.

"Tiernan was hospitalised two years ago with his asthma and the doctors told him he needed to take his brown inhaler and yet I now know he didn't.

"It is such a waste of a life and it's not fair.

"He is missed so much.

"I really believe in my heart that Tiernan would still be here with us if he had taken his medication when he was supposed to.

"I just hope the video and the awareness helps others now."

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