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Northern Ireland mum's Instagram snaps are seen by 60,000 followers

By Rebecca Black

Meet the Northern Ireland classroom assistant who makes up to £100 every time she posts on Instagram.

Stunning Ivona Moore (24) only set up her account on the social media platform a year ago, and now receives free products, and even gets paid to post.

The married mother-of-one promotes clothes, make up, accessories and food products and is set to attend Paris Fashion Week in the spring.

She puts her success down to being "very persistent" and now has more than 60,000 followers.

"I gradually got noticed when brands reposted my photos wearing their clothes or using their products," she said.

"I have only started making money from it recently. At first I started receiving free samples to promote on my Instagram, which is absolutely amazing. I still can't believe how lucky I am. Who wouldn't want free dresses and beauty products?

"I have also received a few emails asking how much I would like to get paid for a promotion. Then I found out about an app (TAKUMI) which has paid brand campaigns for social influencers/bloggers." Ivona has collaborated with brands such as AX Paris, Pretty Little, Boohoo, Bed Head, Garnier and Elizabeth Arden. "Even though I get sponsored for a few posts I only share my honest reviews," she added. But she is not tempted to give up her day job yet.

"I'm married to the best man in the world (Gary) and have a two-year-old boy. As much as I love my clothes they will always be used as a kitchen paper towel. And my lip pencils are always used for floor drawings as Calvin is a little artist," she said. "I love the pupils and staff at the school where I work, and the schedule lets me spend more time with Calvin. When he goes to bed I work on my Instagram campaigns, collaborations and I try to answer all my emails."

Ivona was born in Lithuania but moved to Northern Ireland when she was 13. She is one of an increasing number making money by promoting products on social media. One of them, English woman Zoella (26) is thought to earn up to £50,000 a month through YouTube videos.

Ivona added: "Nowadays everyone is spending hours on social media, so why not invest your time in creating a blog or a structured social media account? I'm enjoying every minute."

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