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Northern Ireland paedophile hunter faces sting charges

By Staff Reporter

A member of a so-called paedophile hunter group is facing criminal charges over one of its sting operations.

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) said the charges relate to the conduct of an individual during one of their confrontations.

"It is our provisional view that the test is met to prosecute for offences of assault, disorderly behaviour and false imprisonment, at least," Marianne O'Kane of the PPS told the BBC.

She said more individuals could face charges over their conduct on the sting operations, which are broadcast live on social media.

The PPS is reviewing 110 cases online vigilantes have brought to police. So far 15 have resulted in the PPS deciding there is insufficient evidence to mount any prosecution against those accused of being paedophiles.

Some of the evidence may even be used to prosecute the paedophile hunters.

"Overall we are not assured to the required level that we can proceed with a fair trial and that is our overriding duty as prosecutors in every case," Ms O'Kane said.

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