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Northern Ireland people least likely to drink and drive

By Peter Woodman

Drivers in Northern Ireland are the least likely to be tempted to drink-drive in the summer, according to an AA/Populus survey.

Younger drivers (aged 18 to 24) are more likely than older ones (55-64) to be lured into having summer drinks before getting behind the wheel, the poll revealed.

Regionally, drivers in north-west England were most tempted to drink and drive in the summer, while those in Scotland and Northern Ireland were least likely to do so.

If faced with designated drivers who'd had too many, most people (68%) would confiscate their keys and call a cab.

This was most likely among those in Northern Ireland (80%). Those in south-west England were the most likely to find another way home and report their friend to the police (8%). In the UK as a whole 6% would take this action.

The poll also found that faced with over-the-limit designated drivers, 2% would say nothing and hope they drove all right.

Females were more likely (74%) than males (65%) to take away the keys if drivers were over the limit.

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