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Northern Ireland police sergeant denies stealing trolleys of goods from Asda

By Michael Donnelly

A police sergeant has gone on trial accused of "boldly and brazenly" stealing two trolley-loads of goods from her local Asda in the run-up to Christmas 2013.

Sergeant Linda Totten, whose address was given as c/o Enniskillen PSNI Station, denies two charges of theft from the Enniskillen store.

Prosecutor Jim Johnston told Dungannon Crown Court that on December 20, 2013, Totten had a trolley "overflowing with items", on top of which was a box of other goods.

He said she told the till operator she had already paid for the unbagged goods, and only had to pay for those in the box.

The operator called for a supervisor who asked Totten to produce a receipt.

She claimed it was with her partner in the car park and she would go and get it.

But asked for the receipt after returning, a "shaken" Totten produced one which was two months out of date.

Four days later Totten returned to Asda. She was seen on CCTV with two trolleys.

Mr Johnston said the CCTV showed Ms Totten leaving her trolley in the foyer, before "reaching in and pulling out her trolley which the prosecution say was to exit the building".

Moments later the CCTV showed "security officers pushing the trolley back into the store followed by the defendant".

He added that while Totten had a receipt for the goods in the top box, when over 70 items of shopping in the trolley was totalled, it came to £156.81.

Later in cross-examination by defence barrister Liam McStay, the store supervisor who challenged his client accepted that had the policewoman not approached her "the issue about the receipt would have remained unresolved" and would have been "left at that".

While the supervisor said she "let security know", she accepted that Totten said she had been told she could go home by a security man who also told her the "matter had been resolved".

The case continues.

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