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Northern Ireland police woman accused of stealing two trolleys of shopping from Asda

By Michael Donnelly

A policewoman accused of stealing two trolley-loads of goods from Asda in the run-up to Christmas 2013 has claimed staff insulted her before she left the Enniskillen store unhindered.

Constable Linda Totten, whose address is given as c/o Enniskillen PSNI Station, denies two charges of theft, one for a trolley full of goods on December 20 and a second for taking more than £150 worth of goods four days later, Christmas Eve, when she was arrested.

However, an Asda supervisor who allegedly challenged her for payment for the first trolley-load of shopping rejected any suggestion that she insulted her.

She further claimed that no complaint from Ms Totten over any insult was ever lodged with the store.

"I dealt with Ms Totten in a professional and an appropriate manner," the supervisor told Dungannon Crown Court.

Earlier, CCTV footage of the policewoman at the checkout of the supermarket was shown to the jury of eight men and four women.

On top of her trolley of shopping was a box of goods for which she is seen paying for.

Then the policewoman is seen being spoken to by a supervisor, before the CCTV shows her wheeling the shopping out into the foyer of the store.

Earlier prosecution barrister James Johnston said that "essentially" it was their case that the policewoman "on two occasions went into Asda store and stole items".

Mr Johnston claimed that, when initially challenged, Ms Totten told a supervisor she had already paid for the shopping that was under the box of other groceries, but that the receipt for them was with her partner sitting in a vehicle in the car park.

The lawyer said the supervisor waited 10 to 15 minutes for the policewoman to return, but gave up and went on her break. Ms Totten later produced a receipt to the supervisor.

However, it was allegedly two months out of date.

Mr Johnston said that the policewoman was arrested four days later in the Asda store after being challenged about a second load of shopping containing 70 items, totalling £156.81.

Later under cross-examination defence barrister Liam McStay put it to the supervisor that when the policewoman returned to the store with her receipt for her shopping, she racially insulted her and her girlfriend.

Dismissing the claim, the supervisor said she had never had a complaint of any such nature made against her.

The trial continues.

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