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Northern Ireland pumping out more CO2 emissions

By Jonathan Bell

Northern Ireland is pumping more hot air into the atmosphere.

Latest government statistics revealed that over 20million tonnes of carbon dioxide were pumped into the air in 2015. That was an increase by 0.6% on the previous year.

However, since 1990, greenhouse gases pumped into the air have dropped by 17.8% overall.

Agriculture (29%), transport (21%) and energy suppliers (19%) were the largest sectors for emissions.

"Most sectors showed a decreasing trend since the base year. The largest decreases in terms of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent were in the energy supply, residential and waste sectors," a government statement said.

"They were driven by improvements in energy efficiency, fuel switching from coal to natural gas, which became available in the late 1990s, and the introduction of methane capture and oxidation systems in landfill management."

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