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Northern Ireland restaurant in shock after family leaves £1,000 tip

By Claire Williamson

What would it take for you to leave a £1,000 tip?

Well an Indian restaurant owner in Portadown is still in shock after they received a huge tip by a very happy diner.

The Indian Tree in Carleton Street hosted a family of five who spent a total of £79.05 on their meal.

But when it came to paying the bill - the generous customer who wishes to remain anonymous - said he wanted to add the £1,000 to commend their cooking and service.

The businessman is originally from Portadown but lives abroad for work.

When he comes home he phones the restaurant to see if Chef Babu is working as he has been a loyal customer of the chef since 2002 and makes sure it is his first meal.

The restaurant said they may not be the most "exclusive or glamorous" place but they paid tribute to their "wonderful customers that love everything about our food and restaurant".

They called the gesture a "great, beautiful and humbling start to the year".

Owner Luna Ekush told the Belfast Telegraph: "We are very much still in shock. If someone gives us a couple of pounds we are happy enough - but this is just a massive one.

"We've known the customer for a good few years. He's been a very loyal customer of Babu the chef, so wherever he goes he follows him, as well as many other loyal customers.

"We are very proud of Babu's customer base and he is very much my brand.

"Babu has many loyal customers and because of that I was brave enough to open this restaurant, all his customers come and follow him wherever he goes which is a big thing to be proud of."

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