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Northern Ireland satirists try to show public the funny side of Stormont political crisis

The old saying goes 'if you didn't laugh you'd cry' and as Northern Ireland buckles up for another political crisis - satirists have been doing their bit to keep the country smiling with their humorous take on proceedings.

Northern Ireland is edging ever closer to an early Assembly election following a stormy week which saw the resignation of Martin McGuinness as deputy First Minister.

He stepped down from the role citing Arlene Foster's refusal to stand aside during an investigation into the Renewable Heating Incentive scheme.

The Belfast Telegraph's cartoonist Stevie Lee offered his take of the political story, dubbing it "Carry On Stormont" (see gallery).

Among the first comedic offerings was a remake of the Smash Mash Potatoes advert from the 1970s.

The Ulster Fry website dubbed the classic ad about the aliens fascinated by what humans did with potatoes to reflect the scandal.

In addition the classic song Come on Eileen got a reworking as it became Come on Arlene.

Northern Ireland comedian and actor Tim McGarry joined proceedings as he joked about Arlene Foster's video message following Mr McGuinness' resignation.

But it's not all bad...

Earlier this week Mrs Foster said that it was important that the "truth" came out in the wake of the scandal.

"I want to see an investigation commenced quickly so that it will be independently demonstrated that I did nothing wrong and that my integrity is vindicated," she said.

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