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Northern Ireland school bans app 'linked to bullying'

By Donna Deeney

A school in Londonderry has banned a new app that has been linked to cyber-bullying and asked all pupils to remove it from their phones.

The app, called SimSimi, can be taught responses by any user when certain names or words are typed in.

This has resulted in young people being sent abusive, violent and sexually graphic replies when they type their name into the app.

St Mary's College made the decision to ban it following numerous reports of misuse and warnings from the PSNI.

A spokeswoman for St Mary's College said: "Further to the news on SimSimi and concerns regarding cyber bullying, access to the website and use of the app have been blocked on all school devices.

"We are now asking pupils to remove the SimSimi app from all personal devices, especially mobile phones and tablets, immediately to protect themselves and stay safe online."

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