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Northern Ireland schoolboys reported to PPS over racist abuse video

Three teenage boys have been reported to the Public Prosecution Service over footage of racial abuse hurled at a Romanian woman in Antrim.

The footage spread on Facebook earlier this month appearing to show schoolboys shouting abuse at the woman and calling her a "suicide bomber".

In the video, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, one of the boys also appears to throw stones at the woman.

It begins with the woman asking why they are not respecting her.

She stands her ground during the ordeal.

One of the boys can be heard saying: "You're not a girl. You're an immigrant. You shouldn't be in this country. Do you have a visa to say here?"

Another says: "Do you have a passport? Come on and show me it."

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One of the boys then appears to mock the woman's accent.

They ask her where she is from and when she replies Romania, someone close to the camera says "suicide bomber".

Another says: "We don't like Romanians.

Police launched an investigation and said they had identified the three boys in the video.

The Irish News reports on Friday that a file has been passed to the Public Prosecution Service.

Police said two of the three were aged 15, the other 16.

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