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Northern Ireland sizzles, but the good weather won't last

By Nevin Farrell

It's official - Northern Ireland was hotter than Madrid yesterday and today we are set to hit our top temperature of the year when the mercury could soar to 23 degrees.

Claire Austin, senior forecaster with MeteoGroup, said Northern Ireland is set to sizzle today.

And she revealed it was warmer here yesterday than in Madrid. The average temperature was between 18 and 21 with the top temperature recorded at Aldergrove when it soared to 21.4C.

Madrid was sitting on 13.3 said the forecaster — but don’t toss out the winter wardrobe just yet as the fine weather is not going to last long. By next Saturday we could be down to as low as 10C.

“You had the warmest temperature in the island of Ireland on Sunday. The maximum in the UK was in London, no surprise, and that was 27.1, so a little bit higher,” said Ms Austin.

“It is to be nice for the next day or two but it is not going to last, but we are looking at a warm day on Monday. Temperatures are going to rocket and we have wall-to-wall blue sky more or less.”

She said showers are expected on Tuesday and it will be cloudier on Wednesday with temperatures falling towards the weekend.

The buckets and spades were out in places like Portrush’s East Strand and ice cream van owners did a roaring trade.

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