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Northern Ireland snow: What are your rights if unable to travel to your place of work?

By Claire McNeilly

Heavy snow has caused major disruption on Northern Ireland roads, with many people unable to go to work.

Bad weather linked to the Beast from the East is expected to get worse, however, as Storm Emma batters the region in the coming days.

But what are your rights if you can't get to your workplace because of the weather?

If your employer normally provides your travel to work and this has been cancelled because of the bad weather you should still be paid, according to the employment advice and conciliation service Acas.

Some people may also have a specific clause written into their job contracts, or have a collective agreement in place, that their employer will pay you if you can't get to work due to circumstances beyond your control.

Some employers might also make discretionary, informal arrangements, whereby they may let you work from home, or agree that you can make up the missed time at a later date - but they are not obliged to do this.

Your employer can ask you to take a day of paid holiday - but only if they give you sufficient warning.

The law states that you must be given a warning period of "at least" double the length of annual leave you are being asked to take. That means if your employer wants you to take one day's annual leave, for example, they would need to give you two days' notice.

If your office or workplace is closed you are entitled to be paid. In addition, your boss cannot require you to take the time as annual leave.

Your employer can, however, ask you to work from home, or ask you to go to another workplace that is open if the business has one, according to government advice website

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