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Northern Ireland supporters give their verdict on new £55 shirt

Mark Armour from Belfast. says:

"That new shirt is a major let down. I think a lot of fans were really looking forward to seeing what we'd be wearing in France next year. I couldn't believe when I saw that online on Monday morning. What is the need for all the blue? And it's two different shades of blue as well.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion on it, but I feel really let down. How hard was it to do a nice retro or plain shirt? I'll certainly not be buying it."

Jonny Irwin from Ballymena says:

"On first viewing I am not particularly enamoured with our new top. It's destined for France but there's no 'Je ne sais quoi' with it. It seems overcomplicated - what's the blue band all about?

"However, it's our first tournament top in 30 years. It could be purple with pink spots and I'd still be buying it."

Kenny McCullough says:

"Almost everyone that I have spoken to really doesn't like it - I know there is even an online petition to get it changed!

"Kits these days are normally given the big build-up, with teasers and previews. It's pretty strange that it was just stuck up on the Adidas website without any warning."

Michael O'Connor is a Northern Ireland international, although not in current squad. He says:

"That new Northern Ireland top is shocking. Wouldn't be paying £40 for that."

Ian McKinney, who started the online petition, says:

"It's a complete disaster. Everyone wanted a simple, green and white, classic shirt. It should have been obvious to the IFA that this would go down like the Kop Stand.

"The navy shoulders, not great, but you could live with it. The blue stripe? The worst piece of styling since Delilah did Samson's hair. Awful.

"Adidas have ruined the dream, the whole experience. I can only pray that they listen to the almost universal disdain and change it. Give the people what they want!"

Robert Moore from Whitehead says:

"I'm not a fan of the new shirt! I would have preferred a traditional green with a little white, keep it simple! Instead we have a confused design with dark sleeves and a blue band across the chest. Let's hope the performance of the team is better than that of Adidas!"

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