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Northern Ireland surfer student makes internet splash as he rides the waves on a Manchester road

By Claire Williamson

No waves? No problem. That's the mantra of a surfer from Co Tyrone who along with his friend came up with a way to surf - with no sea and no waves - on the streets of Manchester.

Sean-Caio Dos Santos Corr (19) from Derrylaughan is a second year student at Manchester University studying international management who along with his friend Christian Berger (24) who is studying for a PHD in nano science - are big surfing fans.

One day when they were out in Manchester they noticed the spray from the puddles and thought it would be fun to pretend surfing them - so they returned after a huge downpour and on a whim they lifted the camera.

Sean told the Belfast Telegraph: "We are pretty into our surfing. We actually just booked a week surfing in Azores and we are getting really excited for it.

"My friend Christian got the idea when he saw a bus splashing through a puddle on the side of a road and it threw up a barrel (where a wave is hollow when it is breaking) and that's when we decided we were going to do it.

"It was only for a joke to be honest - and we just found this hilarious."

He continued: "We went out and tried to do it one day and the puddle had been splashed out. So we were on a red alert and we went back and there had been an absolute downpour and we got barrelled."

And the reactions they got from the drivers were "100% positive".

He said: "The cars came and the driver's reactions were great, they were speeding up , they were stopping to chat. People standing outside their houses taking videos, people walking in the park came over, the reaction was 100% positive it was great."

But while it was cold Sean said they didn't notice because they were having so much fun.

The 19-year-old definitely didn't expect the reaction the video has received - prompting phonecalls from news outlets in Germany and Switzerland.

"We didn't even intend to take a camera with us we just grabbed it on the way out of the house for a laugh.

"And now it's quite funny that people are actually interested in seeing eejits on the side of the road getting splashed in the face by a puddle."

He added: "Maybe if it gets people to try surfing that would be pretty cool."

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