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Northern Ireland teen receives death threats after admitting she threw water at Niall Horan during Belfast gig

The 15-year-old has apologised and is hoping to get her apology to the One Direction singer

A Northern Ireland teenage girl is suffering online abuse from around the world after admitting throwing water at One Direction's Niall Horan during their recent Belfast gig.

Footage of the incident at the SSE Arena Belfast caused fans on social media to go into meltdown sparking the hashtag 'Can You Respect Niall' trending worldwide.

The clip posted online shows the water thrown at the stage hitting the Mullingar singer causing him to stop playing his electric guitar.

He then shakes his head before moving to another part of the stage.

Irate fans began a search on Twitter to find the person responsible with some issuing threats.

One said: "He looks so sad, why would anyone do that".

Another said: "Do not ever come between Niall and his guitar or I'll find you."

However despite the barrage of abuse, 15-year-old Levi Temple from Londonderry admitted it was her that threw the water and is now trying to get her apology message to the singer himself.

Levi posting online said the water was not meant for Niall but for fellow bandmember Louis Tomlinson who had thrown water at fans.

She said: "Just to make this clear the fan last night in Belfast that "tried to electrocute niall horan" was me and no (sic) this is all fake I would never in a million years even think about doing that to one of my idols.

"It was not aimed for him it was aimed for Louis because he threw water at me. So if everyone could please just ignore these things that is going around that would be great. And for Niall I am extremely sorry if you thought I would ever try to do that because I wouldn't never."

While some are still trolling the teenage girl, others are now trying to help her get her apology to Niall.

One fan said: "Let's have Niall say something to Levi Temple so she feels better and stops getting death threats" starting the hashtag #LeviToNiall.

Another said: "Have an amazing day! Don't listen to the haters".

One Direction were in Belfast for three shows as part of their On The Road Again Tour.

The Belfast leg got off to a shaky start as the opening night concert had to be canceled at the last minute after Liam Payne took ill.

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