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Northern Ireland teens deny schoolgirl rape

A schoolgirl was dragged along a road and sexually assaulted by two youths after leaving a Co Down nightclub, it has been claimed in the High Court.

The 17-year-old alleged victim, who is not from Northern Ireland, told police she woke up with her underwear and hair extensions missing after refusing requests for a threesome, prosecutors said.

Others who claim to have witnessed the attack in Warrenpoint said they saw one accused remove his belt while the other had his hand up the girl's skirt.

The suspects, aged 17 and 16, each face charges of rape, two counts of sexual assault, and attempted rape.

They deny the claims against them and maintain any encounter with the girl on July 19 was consensual.

The two accused, who cannot be identified, were both granted bail but they have been banned from going into Warrenpoint or a neighbouring area.

A Crown lawyer said the alleged victim had been staying with a school friend when they decided to go for a night out.

She told police about having some drinks, being in the nightclub and then walking along a street with two males, the court heard.

“She recollects the males wanting a threesome with her, showing her condoms and her declining this,” the barrister said.

“Her next memory was waking up in her friend's house with her pants and hair extensions missing.”

A medical examination showed no evidence of sexual injuries, but some marks to her legs.

According to the prosecution three other females claimed to have seen the alleged victim, apparently drunk, being dragged and trailed up a road by two youths.

They stated that she was lifted onto a wall, with her head against a pillar and eyes closed.

The boys said they knew her and were going to get a taxi for her, it was claimed.

Later, the witnesses said they again located the alleged victim with the suspects in an alleyway.

She was sitting on the ground between the pair and seemed to be crying, according to their account.

Lawyers for both accused said the allegations against their clients were denied.

The judge granted bail for them, but imposed restrictions on their movements while the case proceeds.

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