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Northern Ireland teens met Turkish murder suspect

By Victoria O'Hara

Two Fermanagh teenagers have told how Turkish murder accused Recep Cetin told them he wanted to live with his girlfriend in Northern Ireland.

Lydia and Alex Hanna, aged 17 and 15, met the waiter in a restaurant in the Turkish resort of Kusadasi during a recent holiday, just weeks before he confessed to stabbing Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore.

They said he asked them inappropriate questions before offering to take them out.

Cetin has been arrested after he confessed to Turkish police that he had murdered the two Newry women after he had been refused permission to marry 15-year-old Shannon Graham.

Lydia and Alex travelled to Turkey in July with their parents, Rodney and Carol Hanna. On the second last night of their holiday the family went to the restaurant in Kusadasi where Cetin introduced himself as 'Alex'.

Lydia said: "He came over to our table to chat. They're so chatty in Turkey that we didn't think much of it. He asked us where we were from and told us he had a girlfriend from Northern Ireland and showed us a picture of her on his phone.

"He said that he hadn't seen her for a long time but that she was coming out next month."

Lydia said they became concerned when the waiter kept coming back to their table.

"He started describing how his girlfriend's parents didn't approve of his relationship with their daughter. He said he respected his girlfriend, about how he only kissed her, and when she was sleeping in his house he always gave her a separate bed to him."

Alex said Cetin then began to make suggestive comments.

"He told us he was a virgin, just blurted it straight out. He went to me: 'You 15, you a virgin?' Then he turned around to Lydia and asked her the same question. He was making us really uncomfortable."

Lydia added: "He asked if he could take us out that night. He said that if we wanted to go out, he would look after us. When mum said no way, he whispered to us: 'What time do your parents be asleep?' He was so pushy."

The teenagers said that the hotel manager then intervened and asked Cetin to look after the other tables. Alex Hanna said they were horrified when they heard about the murder of two Northern Ireland women just weeks later.

"As soon as I saw the picture I recognised him straight away. I gasped and said: 'We know him, he's the guy from the restaurant'."

The two sisters said the experience made them much more wary about talking to strangers on holiday.

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